Sunday, December 29, 2013

Converting Excel Tables to LaTeX Tables

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Today I had the problem of converting an Excel table of values into a LaTeX table. I could have done it by hand but the table had over 400 entries so that would have been a bit tedious. Instead I did the usual and hunted around for any automated possibilities and came across two:

1. Excel2LaTeX.

This is a Excel Add-In that converts a selected set of Excel rows and columns into a LaTeX table. However as per usual for Microsoft it isn’t trivial to add Add-Ins. After some fuzzing around I discovered these instructions on stackoverflow. One would think that adding an Add-In to Excel would be a case of simply loading the Add-In file, but of course not, it requires a minimum of at least 8 different steps. But it doesn’t end there. The final step, number 9, is to close Excel, yes I said close Excel, restart Excel and the Add-In is available (hopefully). After that the Add-In is fairly trivial to use and offers a number of useful formating options..


2. The second option is an online tool by Eric Wood This was very easy to use, just drag your excel file on the the browser window. If your data is on a particular sheet, make sure to select that sheet on the provided dropdown list.


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