Sunday, April 4, 2021

A note on ex nihilo

In terms of the origin of the universe, "Out of nothing" is something we often hear from theists who argue that something, i.e the universe,  cannot come from nothing from which they conclude that it must have come from something, which they call God. 

The notion of nothing 'before' the universe however is problematic because what is 'nothing'? It is better to refer to the 'nothing' as something that isn't space-time, rather than a simple negation of space-time. What 'out of nothing' seems to imply is that space-time cannot come from space-time which seems reasonable.

All our notations of cause and effect and the logical absolutes only operate within our own space-time. It is impossible for us to contemplate anything that isn't space-time, so asking questions about creation is extremely difficult if not impossible. Jumping to God as an explanation, however, makes no sense since we can't comprehend anything outside space-time, let alone an all-powerful sentient being to which the bible attaches all sorts of very specific properties. 

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